L A B Y R I N T H : L e a p – D a y

Welcome to  L A B Y R I N T H

Within the Labyrinth, the Treat of Time is pocketed within a graciously gifted day of more, for more. Or is it taken as needed on the quest to find the Minotaur?

More often than not, the time for reflection that spirals us into moments of self discovery get shafted as we use it up climbing societal ladders and rush to meet project deadlines.

Today, Tough Cuts is happy to share with you, L A B Y R I N T H. This is our first zine. We have been crafting and curating with some friends, whose works we find to create liminal pockets of time which bring text and image together to slowdown the fast paced race of our daily rituals and make the time for our selves, deep meditation, and wandering thoughts. We hope these works entertain and inspire you as your journey through the labyrinth of existence pulls you ever forward through time and space.


You can download the issue here.


Tiff and Cass

Insta: toughcutszine


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